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Nice home on big lot in MemphisTN

3269 madewell

Property Description:  

This is a mostly brick 2 bedroom 1 bath home on a 1/3 of an acre lot. I am selling it for half price, $25000. I will finance it with $2500 down. On a 5 year note, the payments will be approximately $490 per month. I would be willing to take something worth $2500 as a down payment,i.e., a vehicle, a parcel of land, etc.

Down Payment Monthly Payment Sale Price Interest Rate Term Length
$$2500 $$490 $$25000 10%% 5 years Contact Seller

Property Details

  • Status:  Available
  • Sale Price:  $ $25000
  • State:  Tennessee
  • County:  Shelby
  • APN (Assessor's Parcel Number):  Parcel ID: 070013 00011
  • Size:  .324 acres
  • Zoning:  residential
  • Terrain:  flat
  • Road Access:  on a street in a neighborhood
  • Electricity:  yes
  • Water:  yes
  • Sewer:  yes
  • Current Annual Taxes:  $ $418 county and $335 city


3269 Madewell Memphis, TN 38127

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madewell plat photo

madewell plat photo

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