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Outdoorsman’s Paradise in Spokane, WA

Beautiful 11 Acres in Eastern Washington!!!   Priced to sell, this beautiful parcel is waiting to be claimed. We will entertain any offer and seller financing. An outdoorsman’s paradise. Located approximately 30 miles South of Spokane, WA and [...]

Look at the AWESOME parcel right in the middle of Prescott! Land for sale in Yavapai County, AZ.

Here at Sunnyland, we love land in rural areas. But every now and then we come across a jewel that is right smack dab in the middle of a city… (more…) [...]

Huge 40 Acre Parcel near Holbrook, Arizona!

104-05-011_d This huge 40 acre parcel is only a few miles north of Joseph City, Arizona, in gorgeous Navajo County which is only a short drive to Holbrook. These 40 acre parcels don’t stay around for too long, especially in this area. Do not let this gem sl[...]

Low property taxes on 10 acres of vacant land in Mohave County!

318-18-062-b Mohave County receives a lot of its operating budget from visitors, in particular from its largest tourist destination – Lake Havasu City. Becuase the county has plenty of income and low operating expenses, the savings are passed on to the land[...]

10 acres of land for sale near Flagstaff, Arizona!

501-78-014_1 How would you like to have a home base for your adventures in the American Southwest? This huge lot for sale, located in Cococino County, measures 10 acres and is centrally located: a full 10 acres of land for sale near Flagstaff. A three hour drive [...]

1 Acre Piece of Arizona Land in Charming Pima County. Come experience the Mild Weather and Beautiful [...]

Access to Property Have you ever dreamed of living in Tuscany, Italy? Those who visit this Mediterranean city rave about the mild temperatures, beautiful vistas, and fertile ground that is perfect for crafting quality wines. Well guess what? This 1 acre property for sa[...]

Own a piece of California! Look at this .96 acre piece of land for sale in Modoc County, California

Location of property from Reding and San Francisco, CA. This 0.96 acre property is located in the beautiful county of Modoc . This land is currently zoned for recreational use, meaning that you have several options as to how you will use it. If you happen to have any questions, it will easy to find the an[...]

Beautiful plot of Arizona Land for sale. Look at this 9.23 property in historic Navajo County.

Street_View_of_Property 9.23 acres is a lot of land for sale, and Navajo County is a great place to be a land owner. Back since it was formed in the days of the Old West, when cattle ranchers purchased huge quantities of land in the area, Navajo County has been like a cross[...]

Exclusive 0.28 acre lot for sale in Santa Cruz County, Arizona – Rio Rico Villas Subdivision

SQ02 137 02 120 Views In The Area The Rio Rico Villas subdivision in Santa Cruz county is ready for the taking, and the area it’s located in makes it a hot commodity. This 0.28 acre lot is close to golf courses and breath taking mountain views. What’s more, its proximity [...]

Arizona land for Sale! Owner financing for this 4.12 acre piece of land in Whispering Ranch Land- Ma [...]

Nearby Painted Desert ridgeline This is the ideal location if you want a quiet piece of land, but would like to keep the option of visiting the bustling city of Phoenix every now and then. This property is located in Maricopa County, Arizona, about an hour away from Phoenix. This p[...]